'He took time to take care of us’: Pike County community remembers public servant

Published: Oct. 23, 2020 at 7:26 PM EDT
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FEDS CREEK, Ky. (WYMT) - Doug Yates served the Pike County community for years, working as the fire chief for the Feds Creek Volunteer Fire Department and volunteering as a Deputy for the Pike County Sheriff’s Office.

“He took time to take care of us,” said Sheriff Rodney Scott. “He was just a good community person. You know, he volunteered for the fire department, he volunteered for us here at the sheriff’s office. You know, whatever we asked him to do, it was no problem.”

Through his service, Yates developed a bond with many people throughout the community.

“You know you can’t replace him," said Scott. “Someone that puts that much time and effort into their community. You know, and he’s going to be missed.”

His dedication also extended to the students at Feds Creek Elementary where he and the other firefighters presented routine fire safety demonstrations.

“He was just an outstanding citizen and loved these children. And made it a point to interact when he was over here,” said Principal Darin Stiltner.

Though he died Tuesday, those who love him say that service and happy attitude will always be part of his legacy, saying the shoes he filled could never be filled by another person.

Scott and Stiltner said they hope the family feels welcome to reach out during this time because they are prepared to answer the call to help in the same way Yates always did for them.

“We’re a phone call away, just like he was for us," Stiltner said. “And we loved him and we’ll sure miss him.”

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