Little Flower Clinic in Hazard develops mobile clinic

Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 5:09 PM EDT
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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - The Little Flower Clinic in Hazard has developed a new “mobile” clinic.

Funded through the Cares Act, the unit would allow the non-profit organization to provide clinical services on the go.

Chairman of the Board of the Kentucky Mountain Health Alliance Sam Collins says it is a major milestone in medical care for Perry County.

“It’s like the medical version of an ice-cream truck. You see us go down the street, wave us down, we’ll stop and check your blood. We’ll see if you’ve got the flu, just whatever we can do,” Collins said.

And with 80% of their cliental homeless, Collins says it just made sense.

“Because there’s so many people suffering with conditions because they just don’t want to go to the doctor. It’s a hassle and sometimes they don’t have insurance and there’s all kinds of reasons people try to stay away. So, we’ll just show up and say, hey, can we help you,” Collins said.

Little Flower Clinic CEO Ellen Napier says they are trying to cover all of Perry County.

“We’re not here to take a place of anybody’s normal provider. We want them to have a patient center medical home. Everybody and we want them to have that opportunity,” Napier said.

Collins says the mobile unit will offer every medical service, except x-rays.

“That’s kind of beyond what we can physically do but anything else, we can hook you up out in the streets of Perry County,” Collins said.

Napier says they have already seen other clinics follow in their footsteps including Kentucky River Foothills and Family Health Services.

“Perry County should be proud to have this in their area and to support it and to get behind it and just to get Little Flower Clinic’s name out there,” Napier said.

Collins says they do not have a full plan of how the mobile unit will operate, he says that should be figured out in the near future.

Napier says they are the first clinic in Perry County to have a mobile unit.

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